May 28th, 2013
Introducing our new baby girl, Fiona “Fee” Davis!! 😍🐱❤
Apr 23rd, 2013
OHMYLANTA! Look at what my parents sent me:D I’ve really been homesick today and then hubby brought home a package from my mom and dad with this shirt in it<3 Love you @marinemom and @daveabram !!!
Apr 4th, 2013
Buttermilk fried chicken, mashed potatoes & homemade Cane’s sauce #Texaswife #southernlife (at Home Sweet Home)
Mar 31st, 2013
Hoppy Easter!:) @zackiedee
Mar 10th, 2013
#matching #mylove
Feb 24th, 2013
French toast and bacon #ohmynom #lazysunday (at Home Sweet Home)
Feb 14th, 2013
Very into bows today 🎀 #HappyValentinesDay (at Home Sweet Home)
Feb 13th, 2013
Watching Shakespeare in Love

and crying because I’m a girl. Just need some chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream to truly embrace the stereotype..

Jan 30th, 2013
New TV, just in time for the Super Bowl! @zackiedee  (at Home Sweet Home)
Jan 29th, 2013
New couches!!!:D #thishouseisahome (at Home Sweet Home)